Commercial Building Staking is performed to ensure the accurate placement of horizontal and vertical design features within a given project. Whether a building project is single storey with a vast footprint or multiple storey with a small footprint, transfer of design lines, horizontally and vertically with minimum error is of the utmost importance.
The complexity of the project dictates the software and hardware components to be utilized to ensure design tolerances are met.
A strict and rigorous protocol is followed both in the office and in the field to ensure that any errors that may occur are found and addressed prior to the layout element being constructed. Such protocols include:

Review of IFC Drawings for misclosure, omissions and errors, with reporting on such.
Submission of layout sheets for contractor review and acceptance
Redundant field measurements on staking and a field QC/QA before leaving site.
Remote data submission to office for QC/QA check on field layout, with verification of staking before field crew leaves site.
QC/QA reporting of construction staking.

Services typically combined with Commercial Building Staking include:

Reposting of property corners.
Verification of location and elevation of connecting infrastructure.
Benchmarks and controls for contractor.
Confirmation of buildings location on architectural and engineering drawings.
Lot staking for excavation.
Foundation staking for footing placement.
Grid line and batter board alignment and positioning.
Structural bearing bolt layout.
Quality Control and Quality Assurance reporting.